Haysboro, Willow Park & Acadia Calgary Alberta Communities Worth Checking Out

Haysboro has undoubtedly become a popular choice for Calgary home buyers and is especially appealing to younger and established families who are looking for a charming community to call home and settle down in. Living in Haysboro bears a large variety of benefits that the current local residents come to enjoy, due to it being an already established neighborhood with what many considered to be one of the best community camaraderies seen in Calgary. It is also very convenient living here since the amenities and transportation system is close by and easily accessible with Deerfoot trail being right beside it. Harry Hays, who is the former Calgary mayor and a well known politician was the original owner of Haysboro land before it was annexed to the city. Once annexed, Haysboro’s land was established in 1958 and continued to develop ever since.

Photo courtesy of TRESEO

In 2019, we saw a total of 80 single family homes for sale in Haysboro and just under 45 condos and townhomes that were sold in Haysboro. Their Average Days on Market (DOM) in the community was just over 50 days coming in at 51 days, with an average price point of $460,823 while we saw condominiums in the community take on a bit longer DOM at 79 days fetching an average price of $224,550, respectively. Buyers take note, there are plenty of types of property styles to choose from, whether you’re looking for a bungalow, 4 level split or are in search of a high-rise condo buildings you’ll find plenty of options that are being listed almost every day on the market! This community also has some schools for children to go to and amenities such as Chinook Centre that offers shopping needs to the residents. Chinook Centre is known to be the largest indoor mall in Calgary. There are 23 houses with an average price of $596,865 and 20 condo and townhomes with an average price of $254,345 that are active with an average size of 1,072. The Haysboro community is an active community with tons of activities for their residents that suits their age and capability such as Tai Chi and Karate for their health. Being updated and informed about the happenings around the community is a must and the one responsible for that dissemination of information is the monthly newsletter called the Haysboro Horn. There are also plenty of parks that offer breathtaking views and scenery around Haysboro such as South Glenmore Park and Sailing Club and Heritage Park Historical Village.

A charming community named Willow Park accommodates the famous golf course called the Willow Park Golf Course. It also has some recreational facilities, shops, and restaurants. This community’s real estate was developed in the 1960’s and now offers alluring parks, trails, and pathways and recreational facilities such as tennis courts and skating rinks. Willow Park houses for sale that were sold in 2019 were 58 with an average price of $635,542 while condos and townhomes that were sold were 31 with an average price of $235,566. Presently there are 17 active houses in Willow Park with an average price of $715,888 while there are 7 condos and townhomes that are active with an average price of $244,671 with an overall average size of 1,412. Willow Park is a good community with lots of interesting hidden gems that are waiting to be explored. The community of Willow Park is run by the Willow Ridge Community Association which is very active and sponsors many different events and activities for Willow Park and the  neighbouring community of Maple Ridge another highly sought after community in southeast Calgary. You’ll find a number of different schools located within and around willow park, from Fred Seymour and Willow Park Elementary (Both part of the public school system) as well as R.T. Alderman Junior high school. For highschools you’ll find Lord Beaverbrook and Dr. E.P. Scarlett 

Ideally located in the southeast quadrant of Calgary is the magnificent community of Acadia. It was founded back in 1960 and has continued its development to this day. Well-sought after by many young home buyers because of the vast selection of affordable single-family homes, single-detached houses, bungalows, apartments, condos, and condo units. Surrounded by the major roadways, Acadia has an advantage over the transportation system which makes it easily accessible by residents. There are also various recreational facilities and amenities around the community. The most famous recreational facility in Acadia is the Osten and Victor Alberta Tennis Center with a whopping 71,000 sq.ft. Also known as an active community with various recreational facilities such as Heritage Park, Acadia Community Center, Fish Creek Park, Acadia Athletic Club, and Glenmore Sailing Club offers fun activities such as skating and curling. There are a lot of single family homes, condos, and townhomes that were sold in the past year. There are 98 single family homes and 30 condos and townhomes that were sold in the past year. The average prices for Acadia real estate listings are $441,230 with an average day of 49 days and $229,187 for condos and townhomes with an average of 57 days. Young buyers prefer the western portion of Acadia since it is full of detached bungalows and some townhomes. Shoppers flock to various shopping centers around Acadia such as Southcenter Mall, Chinook Center, MacLeod Trail, and Deerfoot Meadows. These shopping centers offer different types of services such as restaurants, boutiques, car dealerships, hotels, and home renovation centers. Outside of major shopping centres, located mere minutes away from the community, you’ll find major retailers including Walmart which is located on the corner of Southland Drive and Macleod Trail as well as Superstore which is essentially located on the same intersection in the south west quadrant of that intersection. Handymen will love this community as Lowe’s is also located and is essentially connected to the same shopping area as Walmart. Recently the Acadia tennis club held a significant tennis tournament putting the club on the map, with major corporate sponsorship and impressive attendance. With a growing number of 10,500 residents, Acadia will continue to develop and attract more home buyers and appeal more to them with affordable and good quality homes with a supportive and active neighborhood. 

These three highly popular communities are beautiful examples of living in the south of Calgary, which check the boxes of many home buyers, from great access to schools from elementary to junior high and high school as well, to an enormous amount of amenities located just minutes away, and incredible access to major transportation routes including Deerfoot trail, Anderson road, Southland drive, and Macleod trail, and of course being in this area, public transportation is incredibly accessible. As the city continues to grow and expand in all directions, these south communities will only increase in demand by prospective future home buyers, many of these communities are already seeing vast amounts of renovations and rebuilds with infills potentially being just around the corner as many of the properties in these neighborhoods are on large lots.